Welcome to Cosmical

We are a small software development and consultancy company based in Athens, Greece. For more than a decade we have developed a slew of innovative software systems. Our products and services are trusted by some of the largest enterprises operating in Greece today and hundreds of thousands of consumers.

We are a small software development and consultancy company based in Athens, Greece.

Enterprise Data Services


PhoneValidator is a state-of-the-art service that applies industrial strength acoustic fingerprinting technology in addition to classical DSP algorithms to the public switched telephone system realm to automatically validate thousands of phone numbers by interpreting 'early media' audio in a matter of a few hours hours instead of days or weeks, without any human intervention, thus achieving massive cost-savings for organizations that need to ensure that their records are current.

The AthensBook API

AthensBook is one of the most popular 'smart' city guides for Athens. And now you can take advantage of the AthensBook API service to power your enterprise software, smartphone app, intranet solution or just complement your existing database with up-to-date, rich information for thousands of businesses and points of interest in the wider Athens metropolitan region.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing has been central to our operations and expertise since 2009. With GEO|ADS we designed one of the world's first geo-targetting mobile advertising platforms for the long-tail. It turned out it was met with enthusiasm at the largest corporations, for its sophisticated, high-resolution geographic analytics and ahead-of-the-curve targeting features. Our GEO|ADS campaigns have promoted mobile shops, movie premieres, smartphone app installs, e-shop onboarding, events and venue openings, daily grocery special offers and countless other offerings from both small cornershops in Athens and industry-leading global pharmaceuticals. Here are some of the companies that trusted Cosmical with a mobile campaign, consulting or mobile e-commerce presence in the past few years:

Software Architecture & Implementation

Since its founding in 2005 Cosmical has consulted or actively participated in the design, architecture and implementation of numerous software products, spanning the Web and modern smartphone platforms, resilient data-center and backend systems. With a holistic approach covering both business, design and technical concerns we aim to deliver cost-effective, robust solutions to our clients.

We are, however, mostly known for AthensBook – one of the mainstays of residents and visitors of Athens alike since it launched with much fanfare in March 2009. With more than 300,000 total downloads and several tens of thousands of active monthly users, it is one of the first and most popular Greek smartphone apps in history. Cosmical designed, implemented and co-owns the AthensBook platform as well as the accompanying location-based GEO|ADS advertising platform.